This Opinion is Controversial

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You don’t have to be overweight.

It doesn’t seem controversial at first, but it is. I don’t mean the kind of controversy that happens when you see celebrity nipple; it is more subtle than that:

You wake up one morning and decide you’re done being fat. Tired of all of the nonsense that comes with it. So you go on the internet, you do some research, and you land on a diet that sounds sensible. Within a week or two, you’re wanting to claw your eyes out to have a cupcake.

You do more research, and find out you aren’t alone. In fact, the overwhelming majority are in the same boat. In fact, people will tell you that weight loss is impossible, or too hard. Every time you’ve tried, you’ve failed, so fuck it. Diets don’t work. And when someone tells you that you can lose weight? You fight them on it.

And why shouldn’t you? You have the experience to say they don’t.

You are doing dieting wrong, which is why it doesn’t work.

I cannot stress this enough. I’ve tried to cut out certain foods, I’ve tried to go down to a certain (arbitrary) calorie count, I’ve tried seeing if the gym could solve my problems…I failed, every time. But why?

Most diets teach you a little about foods, but not how they affect your body.

If you have pancakes for breakfast, will you be hungry before lunch? Probably. If you have eggs and bacon for breakfast, will you be hungry before lunch? Probably not.

The difference? Pancakes are mostly made of carbohydrates. Carbs, as a general rule, aren’t terribly filling.

Eggs and bacon, on the other hand, have two great macros: protein and fat. I don’t know all of the science mumbo jumbo, but here is a cheat sheet: protein helps you stay full because it takes longer to break down, fat slows digestion.

Where do most diets fail? ^^^^^

You have a breakfast of BUCKWHEAT MEGA WAFFLES or whatever fits your mood. You aren’t allowed to have more food until the next meal, or maybe there is a small snack that doesn’t quite fix your hunger. A week of constant hunger causes your willpower to deplete with vigor, and you give up on the day and, later, the diet.

Now, flip the script: You have eggs and bacon for every breakfast for a week (add fruit if you can, because fruit is bomb and fiber is neato). You may get hungry a little before lunch, but not nearly like you were before. You go into lunch feeling like you’re filling an empty tank instead of a tank with a hole in it. If you have a properly-balanced lunch, you go into dinner the same way.

Suddenly, you have…what is this feeling? Confidence…in your diet? You don’t realize it, but you’ve just done a two amazing things:

  1. You’ve succeeded where you’ve otherwise failed.
  2. You’ve started an amazing journey of self-improvement that started with eggs and motherfuckin’ bacon.

You don’t have to be overweight.

Not so controversial now, is it?

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