The Diet Fix

You want to lose weight. That’s why you’re here.

I can help.

But you’re not going on a diet. Diets are bullshit.

Instead, you’re going to do a couple of things. You don’t need to do anything difficult…yet.

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Second, you’re going to follow me on Twitter.

Third, you’re going to go read up on calories and macros. It isn’t long, but it will give you a basic understanding of calories and food.

I’m going to tell you right now: there is absolutely no bullshit here. I won’t lie to you. I won’t try to sell you products that promise to magically cure you of fat. You didn’t “magically” get fat, so the solution won’t be magical, quick, or painless.

Fat loss requires changes

Those changes can be made. They will not be free; you will have to spend time and effort to successfully make them.

You are capable of making these changes!

These changes may seem simple, because they are. But they are not easy.

If this were easy, nobody would be fat.

What are these changes? I post about them. The article about CICO I just had you read will get you most of the way there.

And if you need extra support, personalized advice, or help finding motivation, email me for a consultation.

The small change you need to make: analyze your food!

You don’t need to start counting calories or track macros. What you do need to do is pay attention to your food. Not just what you’re eating, but examine what it is.

When you eat dinner tonight, don’t change what you originally planned. If you were going to get pizza, or fast food, or cook, whatever. Do it anyway. Why? This gives you a great opportunity to look at your food choices.

As you eat, take a look at what the food is, the base components. A sandwich, for example, would be “bread, meat, cheese, veggies, sauces”. Nothing complex, just start building a mental picture of your food based on the components, and how you might use those components in something else (meat and cheese could be part of spaghetti, with garlic bread on the side).

Spend two weeks playing around with the “building blocks” of your food in your head, then email me, and let’s see where you’re at and where you need to go.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you for visiting!