Failure Can Only Win If You Let It

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I have a secret to tell you: I didn’t track calories through the month of October 2018. I was too busy riding the high from leaving my shitty marriage and finally getting out of the house.

But I failed. For a whole month. Yet here I am, still losing weight, still kicking ass.

This is a problem that everybody has regularly. We are afraid to fail. We get comfortable, we decide to stop pursuing our goals, and settle comfortably into stagnation. We then proceed to tell others that we’ve tried. They give us their pity, and we go on with our lives.

That’s bullshit, though. Why do we let ourselves fail? It’s because we lack the confidence to believe in ourselves and the patience to see it through.

Building patience requires time, repetition, and effort. You will want to be done immediately. Remind yourself that things take time, and track the small successes. For example, if you’re losing weight, you’ve succeeded every day that you meet your goals. If you haven’t lost weight at the end of the week, you’ll want to quit. “Oh, this doesn’t work!” On week two, however, you may see both weeks combined…but only if you persist!

Building confidence requires time, effort, and self-analysis. A lack of confidence comes from favoring your flaws, instead of your benefits. Some have more flaws, some have more benefits. The key is to figure out what your flaws are and be willing to fix them. If you’re bad with money, start tracking what you spend religiously. If you don’t feel like your work ethic is bad, put more effort in at your job and at home. Confidence is built, not given, which means these fixes will become benefits (good w/ money, hard worker, etc). You start feeling like you’re worth more, which is where confidence comes from. The thing is, you have to feel like you’re worth it. That means making yourself worth it.

What do these have to do with failure? With patience and confidence, you can come back from almost any failure, because you know it may take time, but you know you can succeed and will fix the problem. This is the key.

If you’re willing to work on yourself, you will succeed even after failure.

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