Drugs are bad (for weight loss)

I live in California. More specifically, I live right next to the Emerald Triangle, meaning I’ve had access to good pot my whole life.

I started using pot to sleep a couple of years ago. I was used to being awake until 2 or 3 am because I couldn’t properly relax. Fortunately, I only had to pay about $25 for the privilege (“medical user/patient”), and I could buy as much as I wanted.

For anybody who has used pot, you’ve likely experienced its relaxing effects. It makes you “chill”, and you kinda don’t want to do anything. That’s where the problems happen.

For me, there are two major effects:

  1. I become functionally useless; I have no desire to do anything productive and can’t focus well enough to be productive anyway.
  2. I don’t care about not eating.

The last one is important, because I’ll go from not caring about eating (since I’m not hungry) to eating a bunch of junk/sugar/fruit/etc. I can (and have) easily derail a day calorically if I decide to get high before I’m actually in bed.

I’ve been using it at the end of the night when I’m in bed or about to be, and haven’t had any craving issues. This is great, and leads me to another drug that hasn’t been that great for me when it comes to weight loss:


Caffeine is an amazing drug, but I have a habit of using too much of it. I could put down 600mg+ of caffeine a day without a second thought. I know, because I’ve done it many times.

Caffeine can disrupt sleep, and reduce the amount of time you’re sleeping deeply. This then creates a cycle where you’re tired all the time, so you drink more caffeine, so you’re tired the next day, so you…

Being tired also has a major effect on your willpower. Being tired has a similar, but less pronounced, effect on my desire to not eat as pot does. Combine being tired with getting high, and it’s a recipe for massive overeating.

This was my 2019 holidays, in a nutshell. I’ve written before about how broken windows can lead to problems. The windows are just now getting repaired, and I’m annoyed at myself for letting it go as long as it did.

I’m getting back to where I need to be, though. It took me longer than I wanted, but I’m back on track. That’s the key.

If you’re in a position where you feel like you can’t get back on track, you can! You have to look at your daily habits and figure out what might be causing issues. Start experimenting with removing foods/drugs/habits that might be causing other problems that lead to a lack of self-control.

Remember that you may need a couple of days to properly clear your body of various things, so you may not see the benefits quite yet. I stopped my energy drink consumption 3 days ago, and last night was the first truly restful night of sleep I’ve had in awhile. Don’t give up if something doesn’t work immediately!

Most importantly, don’t give up if you get off track. You can get back on. It may not be immediate, but you can do it if you keep trying. Stay honest with yourself, and the results will show in time.

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