I’m a web developer. I love writing code, and enjoy making things work. I am a “paper and dice” RPG player. I have a daughter. I grew up in rural Northern California.

Oh, and I used to look like this:

I did not want to be in this photo.
“I’m just the developer!”

I was over 400 pounds. I topped out at 412 around the time this picture was taken. That was August of 2016. I always tell people that I started my journey at 405; I’ll explain why in a bit.

Life was hell. I couldn’t walk very far, I woke up constantly due to heartburn, and I was just a general train wreck. I was unhappy, to say the least.

One morning, I was sitting at my desk in my office, after eating two large hash browns and 3 or 4 breakfast sandwiches from Burger King (normal at the time), I had a moment of clarity. I realized how uncomfortable my breakfasts were making me. I decided I would eat less in the morning from now on.

I’d been talking about weight loss off and on with a close friend of mine, and he came in one day in August of 2017 (I think it was a Wednesday) and told me that he had downloaded a calorie counting app called “LoseIt!” I decided to check it out, and see what it gave me if I put in my stats (I had weighed myself a few days ago and discovered I’d lost 7 lbs). To lose two pounds a week, I could eat 3100 calories per day.

My mom had taught me a little about weight loss (much of it myth, unfortunately), so I had a vague understanding of how calories work. I realized that 3100 calories is a shit load of food, and it clued me into how much I was eating to be as big as I was. I went home and told my wife, who decided to start that weekend, as she was overweight as well.

Over the next two years, I lost over 200 lbs (my Twitter has my daily updated weight as my profile pic). I experimented with different foods, different snacks, and different ways of eating. I started drinking protein shakes for breakfast before deciding to skip breakfast altogether. I was able to eat lunch out 5 days a week and still lose weight (down to once a week now, and always pho). I stopped having heartburn because I wasn’t eating fried food constantly.

My life changed completely. And here’s how I look now (warning: south-facing man boobs).

I also fixed myself mentally. I dealt with my toxic behaviors, and started lifting people up and wanting to make connections. I used to hate life and felt like I was going to die fat; I now know that I don’t have to.

The above is why I have this blog and my Twitter. I know there are others like me, who felt like it’s hopeless and that they can’t gain control of their weight. It’s not.

There is hope.

Thank you for reading.

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